Used Stamps for World Mission

Used StampsThe Church of Scotland’s World Mission Council asks congregations to collect used stamps to support a special project each year. The current project is the JCC Agricultural Training Centre.  The ancient city of Tyre in Southern Lebanon is surrounded by three camps which are home to around 45,000 Palestinian refugees. Many of these Palestinian families who were expelled in 1948 came from farming communities. On the edge of the city the Joint Christian Committee for Social Services in Lebanon (JCC) has set up a small farm. The refugees are learning agricultural skills thanks to a project which began more than a decade ago; this also allows them to maintain their cultural heritage. Since the year 2000 the JCC has organised courses for males and females aged between 14 and 35. The majority of people in Southern Lebanon live off the land around them and the JCC has been using its 4,000 sq. m plot of land there to improve the lives of Palestinian refugees, who are excluded from 70 professions due to their status.

Anne Moyes collects up all the Abbotshall stamps. She has collecting bags in the church vestibule and on the church hall noticeboard.

Thought for the week

” I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these members of my family, you did it for me” Matthew 25. verse 40.