Within the Church facilities we have available for hire several areas of various sizes which should suit the majority of needs. The areas are split in to two main areas, the Halls and the Church itself. Within the halls there are three areas available; the Main Hall, the Kennedy hall and also the stage. Within the Church there is the sanctuary, the session room and also a small office available.


Church Halls

Within the Halls complex there are 2 halls that can be hired for a wide variety of functions such as dances, ceilidhs, rehearsal space, meetings, gaming, youth groups, exhibitions and children’s parties etc. The halls are supported by:

  • Gents, Ladies and Disabled toilet facilities
  • Kitchen with fridge, hob, water heater and oven
  • Stage with stage lighting, sound system and limited backcloths
  • Adequate tables and chairs are also available for a variety of layouts

Car parking is not available at the halls complex. Hall users are requested to use the car park at the Beveridge Park for large functions.

Main Hall

Abbotshall Church main hallThe Main Hall is capable of seating up to 120 in theater style and 80 – 100 when set for a less formal function at circular tables. The kitchen is situated immediately off the hall with a service hatch opening onto it. The sprung wooden floor makes the main hall an ideal dance area.

Kennedy hall

Kennedy hallThe Kennedy hall is suitable for small groups up to about 50 seated in theatre style. It is also suitable for craft groups, small meetings rehearsal space and small parties. Layouts can be discussed and agreed prior to booking. There is a projection screen available in the hall.


stageUse of the stage is included within the hire of the main hall. Lighting, sound and backing cloths are available at no extra cost. Please enquire about these facilities when booking the hall.

Conditions of Hire: Halls

Details of letting conditions are available on the Terms of Hire page.
For enquiries, general questions regarding hall or sanctuary hire or to book contact Mr Michael Baxendine email m.baxendine@btinternet.com

Church Building

Facilities available for hire / use within the church buildings are the sanctuary and session room.

Church Sanctuary

Church SanctuaryThe sanctuary is ideal for large group gatherings, flower displays, choral functions, lectures etc. Hire rates are to be agreed by the Kirk Session and are dependent upon the purpose for which the sanctuary is being hired.

Session Room

session-roomThe session room is ideal for small meetings of up to 10 people. No other facilities are available within this room.

Conditions of Hire: Sanctuary

Details of letting conditions are available on the Sanctuary Hire Terms page.
To book or for any enquiries, please email Mr Michael Baxendine, email m.baxendine@btinternet.com

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