Christian Marriage

At Abbotshall we wish to celebrate love in all its forms. Whatever your background, and whatever your orientation, we would love to participate it your special day and hopefully support you in your future relationship.

The Church of Scotland allows Ministers to marry people who are not members of the Church of Scotland and to the re-marriage of divorcees. However, Ministers can only conduct blessing ceremonies for civil marriages/partnership (those which were legally conducted by a registrar and not in a church).

Currently we have two options for marriages/blessings:

1. Conducting a service in the church
– Our fees are: £350 for a member or child of a member; £550 for non-members. This amount covers payment for the Beadle and the Organist as well as a donation towards the cleaning, heating and maintenance of the church building.
Our fees are reviewed annually.
2. Conducting a service outwith the church
– There is no fee for the services of the minister however, we do ask for a donation to cover their costs.

If you would like to discuss getting married in Abbotshall Church please contact the minister:

Rev Justin Taylor

(01592) 267915 or jtaylor[at]

Thought for the week

Prayer and thought for 28th June 2020

Saviour with your heart so tender,
Come to those who grieve this day,
Those who mourn the loss of loved ones,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
And for those who suffer illness,
Come with healing touch this day,
Those who sit and wait in anguish,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
Man of Sorrows, loving Saviour,
Come with peace to those this day,
All who grieve and fear and worry,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
Taken from ” Pray Without Ceasing” by Jenny Child.