The minister is involved in school chaplaincy in three local schools – Kirkcaldy West Primary School, Strathallan Primary School and Balwearie High School. In the primary schools he is involved in class work as well as leading school assemblies and end of term services. At the high school the team of chaplains lead a programme of school assemblies throughout the year and are involved in end of term ‘services’. In recent years they have started working with the Gideons and the RME department, delivering lessons on the Bible to S1 pupils.

Care Homes

The minister is chaplain to Abbotsford Care Home on Milton Road and Abbotsford Raith Manor Care Home, Sunny Braes Court. He leads a monthly service of worship in one and a fortnightly service in another, the first Tuesday of the month at 2.00pm in Abbotsford and every second Monday at 2pm in Abbotsford Raith Manor.

Thought for the week

John Shelby Spong

“God is not a noun, that demands to be defined, God is a verb that invites us to live, to love, and to be”