Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

Next Communion at Abbotshall Church is on Sunday 3rd May at 11am.  This will be an informal communion led by Justin.  At this service we will be ordaining a new elder and welcoming an already ordained elder to the Kirk Session of Abbotshall.  Remember that Justin holds a short informal communion on the last Sunday of every month after the morning service.

Thought for the week


Help me, my God, to show people Jesus,
by my words and by my actions,
by the way I live and by my example.
May the love of Christ shine out of me
that people may see Jesus.

Lord, you are rest to the weary,
Healing to the sick,
Light to the lost,
Comfort to the sorrowful,
Friend to the lonely,
You are there in every circumstance.

From “Pray Without Ceasing” by Jenny Child.