A Message from the Minister

Sunday 5 March was my last day at Abbotshall. It was a real mix of emotions – joy and praise as we worshipped God and shared the Lord’s Supper together; thankfulness for the many blessings I have known over the last 12 years; sadness that this time has come to an end; excitement at what the future holds for both me and the congregation. It was a time for memories – memories from 33 years ago when I came to Abbotshall on my first ministry placement with Bryan Tomlinson; memories of the laughter and tears we’ve shared as we’ve journeyed together; and now memories of Sunday 5 March. Thank you to everyone who made that a very special day – to Morag and her team for their planning and plotting; to Richard for playing all the music that reminds me of Abbotshall (even Summertime….); to all those who came to the service and the lunch. Thank you for the beautiful brooch and the money that I will use to buy a painting to remind me of Abbotshall and Fife. Now a new chapter begins at Bowden and Melrose….  I look forward to welcoming Abbotshall folk to Melrose for my Service of Induction on Thursday 30th March and, anytime you’re passing, don’t be a stranger.

Abbotshall is in good hands. The Kirk Session has asked Rev Marc Prowe and Rev Catriona Morrison to be Locum Ministers. Mrs Ena Hudson, an elder from Kinghorn Church, will be Interim Moderator.

May you know God’s richest blessing, with love, Rosie.

Thought for the week

John Shelby Spong

“God is not a noun, that demands to be defined, God is a verb that invites us to live, to love, and to be”