At Abbotshall we see Baptism as an affirmation of God’s love for all people. It is not a set of rituals to make God love us or to get us into heaven rather, we believe that affirms our truest identity that before we could do anything God loved us. So, we celebrate this as a community because it reminds us of God’s love for all of us. Baptism is for both infants and adults as we affirm God’s love.
Baptism is normally administered at Sunday worship in front of the congregation. This emphasises the nature of the sacrament as incorporation into the body of Christ and the life of the Church. There is a little more flexibility in some cases.

For those parents who feel unable to make the promises of baptism the Church of Scotland recently approved an order of service for the thanksgiving and blessing of a child. The blessing ceremony takes place at morning worship following the same pattern as that for Baptism, except the wording is different, the promises are different, and no water is used.

Please consider speaking about becoming a member if you’re thinking of baptism.

If you would like to discuss baptism or blessing please contact the minister:
Rev Justin Taylor
(01592) 267915 or jtaylor[at]

Thought for the week


Help me, my God, to show people Jesus,
by my words and by my actions,
by the way I live and by my example.
May the love of Christ shine out of me
that people may see Jesus.

Lord, you are rest to the weary,
Healing to the sick,
Light to the lost,
Comfort to the sorrowful,
Friend to the lonely,
You are there in every circumstance.

From “Pray Without Ceasing” by Jenny Child.