Abbotshall Walking Group

The Walking Group, otherwise known as the Holy Strollers, meet on the third Saturday of every month from March through to September. Walks are undertaken both locally and further afield and are approximately 7 or 8 miles in distance. Walking in Scotland’s beautiful countryside they take time to marvel at the wonders of God’s Creation. Whilst sharing fellowship many points of interest are noted en route, in particular, scenery, flora and fauna, historical, architectural and geological landmarks.

     “We are pilgrims on a journey,
     and companions on the road,
     we are here to help each other
     walk the mile and bear the load.”
    “In muddy boots, through dripping woods on muddy paths
    But dressed to suit the weather
    We do not mind when rain falls down
    For we have fun together.”


Thought for the week

Prayer and thought for 28th June 2020

Saviour with your heart so tender,
Come to those who grieve this day,
Those who mourn the loss of loved ones,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
And for those who suffer illness,
Come with healing touch this day,
Those who sit and wait in anguish,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
Man of Sorrows, loving Saviour,
Come with peace to those this day,
All who grieve and fear and worry,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
Taken from ” Pray Without Ceasing” by Jenny Child.