A prayer from the Moderator of Kirkcaldy Presbytery, Jacqueline Thomson

Blessed are you the God and Father of us all. Through Jesus Christ you have broken the power of sin and death and opened the kingdom of heaven to all believers. Father, You freely offer us your love and you call us to follow you all the days of our lives. We thank you for your action in our lives and seek your forgiveness for the times when we have chosen to ignore you and wandered on our own pathways. We ask your blessing on all who share your pastoral ministry on earth, remembering to you all carers, doctors and nurses as they care for your people of every age at this difficult time, journeying through a pandemic due to the coronavirus. Lord work within and around us and help us to be instruments of your peace, bringing love and comfort where that is needed. With thanksgiving and in a week when VE Day has been commemorated, we ask that as we remember the selfless and courageous service of others, that you will guide us to serve you and all human kind in the cause of peace. Gracious God for the assurance that in you we will find the meaning we seek for our own lives, we ask that you will keep us mindful of the people in situations all around the world that need our support and teach us how to address them. Bless all who work for Christian Aid and other charities who reach out to all who are in need. Loving God, Lord of life and life eternal, You are the God who takes our weakness and makes us strong, and in your presence we ask that you will bless our loved ones departed that in fellowship with all your saints, they may rejoice in the fullness of your presence and glory. In Jesus name we pray. Amen



Thought for the week


Help me, my God, to show people Jesus,
by my words and by my actions,
by the way I live and by my example.
May the love of Christ shine out of me
that people may see Jesus.

Lord, you are rest to the weary,
Healing to the sick,
Light to the lost,
Comfort to the sorrowful,
Friend to the lonely,
You are there in every circumstance.

From “Pray Without Ceasing” by Jenny Child.