A message from the Moderator of Kirkcaldy Presbytery, Jacqueline Thomson on 21st June 2020

In the past few weeks the wildlife visiting my garden has increased. A family of
hedgehogs and 2 woodpeckers have joined us. These new visitors have scared
the resident sparrows and our neighbour’s cat who disappear quickly out of
sight whenever either one appears!
Watching this activity made me consider how do we react when we are faced
with something new that scares us? Some people find it easier to run away,
while others stand their ground and confront whatever frightens them. Fight
or flight which would you choose?
Presently all our fears are increased. Consider a shopping trip and the
realisation that everyone around you is ignoring the government rules of social
distancing. Or when emails arrive describing return to work rituals in finer
detail test our capabilities. Fear and uncertainty is growing. Yet at the same
time hope is growing too. Since the pandemic started, I have maintained
weekly contact with members of our Church family. Nearly every conversation
has ended with them saying ‘Hope to see you soon’ or ‘Hope we can get back
to normality soon’.
In the language of the New Testament, the meaning of hope suggests a much
more and confident expectation than a fleeting expression as this. Hope in the
Bible is a rock solid confidence that God is as good as his word and we can be
comforted by this. It is with this meaning of hope that Christians equip
themselves and journey on in the knowledge that God cares for us in all our
changing circumstances as he cares for all the gifts of his creating. Matthew
10:24-39 The poet Emily Dickinson puts it well “Hope is the thing with
feathers, that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words
and never stops at all.”
God Bless,



Thought for the week

Prayer and thought for 28th June 2020

Saviour with your heart so tender,
Come to those who grieve this day,
Those who mourn the loss of loved ones,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
And for those who suffer illness,
Come with healing touch this day,
Those who sit and wait in anguish,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
Man of Sorrows, loving Saviour,
Come with peace to those this day,
All who grieve and fear and worry,
Be with them, O Lord, we pray.
Taken from ” Pray Without Ceasing” by Jenny Child.